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Maximise brain capacity for increased productivity.

Using the ESI Mapping Tool for individuals and the BrainSmart Leadership® model for corporate, we make it easy to identify inhibiting restrictions to changing behaviours.

Jan is one of the country’s leaders in behavioural change and has developed ESI as an effective tool to support individuals ability to identify and manage the relationship between thoughts and behaviour.
Jan is an engaging presenter, providing scientifically based theory in a practical, authentic and easy to apply model.

Dr Dawn Macintyre

Adjunct Professional Fellow, Southern Cross University Clinical Counsellor, Professional Supervisor, Author, Chronic Pain Behavioural Specialist.

ESI™ Courses

For Coaches, Councillors and Health Care professional

Stage I – Certificate Course
Stage II- Advanced ESI ®
Stage III – Intensive Accredited Course


Require an educational, motivational Speaker for…

your next Workshop
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In-house team meetings
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Brain Potential

Leadership powered by Neuroscience

Increase productivity
Decrease absenteeism
Restore workplace harmony
Ensure increased profit margins

Jan Sky

Jan Sky‘s clarity and unique presenting style motivates her audience towards emotional and intellectual understanding of their own psychological blocks. She is known as the behavior change specialist and has received international recognition for the development of her process of ESI™ – a psycho-dynamic tool to empower personal and team change.

We’d Love to Help You

The BrainSmart Leadership® model engages, transforms and increases productivity and wellbeing for better outcomes.

We Have Experience With…

Executive Coaching

This coaching focuses on neuro-scientific methods of engendering increased motivation along with effective and efficient operational procedures into the workplace. 

The most immediate result of this training is a significant improvement in overall morale which is quickly reflected in higher returns.

Our coaches work to develop whole of brain activity which enables neural firings and impacts neural structure, ultimately increasing productivity, health and overall job enjoyment.  This is ultimately reflected in the team’s increased effectiveness.

By enhancing performance and developing leadership or team-building skills, workplace relationships improve.

  • If you have an idea 10% 10%
  • If you decide to do it 35% 35%
  • If you decide when you’re going to do it 40% 40%
  • If you plan how you’re going to do it 50% 50%
  • If you tell someone you’re going to do it 65% 65%
  • If you set up a time to report back to that person on how you did 95% 95%

Our Approach & Philosophy

When you leave unwanted or inappropriate behaviors unaddressed in the workplace you are inhibiting your organisation’s growth and potentially affecting bottom line.  You’ll notice that profits will begin to decrease, morale will become unhealthy and productivity will drop! Disengagement begins to filter through and before you know it, your workforce is down.

BrainSmart Leadership® has been designed to engage and transform individuals and work teams to perform at their ultimate best!  Using current day neuro-scientific techniques incorporated in the BrainSmart Leadership® model, we will transform your workplace to peak performance with our unique COACHING methods.

Let us help you to uncover the unspoken truths.  Allow us to uncover what lies beneath the surface of your organisations innovative growth into the future.

Ask one of our Senior Coaches about how we can support your organisation’s growth TODAY!

Jan Sky, Neuro-psychotherapist, Resilience Coach, Behavior Change Specialist and founder of ESI™ – [email protected]

When I first started with Jan, I had been through a tough two years and was trying to get back into an engaged career path and personal life.   We initially focused on my emotional health and sense of self and then followed this with some more focused goal setting; then the big picture of my vision and plans for my life and my career.  This work with Jan has helped me to sort through so many issues and the space she holds is invaluable.  Being able to articulate thoughts, feelings and dreams and have someone engage with me, encourage me and listen to me in an open and interested way has resulted in personal progress and career growth that I could not even imagine at the beginning.

So thank you Jan for everything you do and for allowing me to show up as my best self in all areas of my life.

Cathy, Program Manager and Technical Knowledge Expert