ESI™ Mapping

We are committed to positive behavior changes. That’s why we’ve developed this personal mapping process known as ESI™ (Executive State Identification). The process is based on an understanding of the neural pathways of the brain and increasing self-awareness and empowerment. The ESI™ map is essential before you even consider assisting a client to make a change in their behaviour. It will allow them to take greater control over their life goals, enhance awareness of their own personal mind-state and is an avenue to affect rapid and lasting change. Coaching, Performance Management and Counselling all processes are enhanced by this unique mapping tool and referred to as well as added to, throughout the journey towards their goal. By using the ESI™ map it becomes easier to identify issues and inhibiting restrictions to changing behaviors for future goal success. Here’s the data on the likelihood of implementing a concept (from the American Society of Training & Development):

10% if you hear an idea 35% if you decide to do it 40% if you decide when you’re going to do it 50% if you plan how you’re going to do it 65% if you tell someone you’re going to do it 95% if you set up a time to report back to that person on how you did

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