Developing BrainSmart Leaders


The challenge of increasing productivity in a positive and sustainable way in today’s complex business environment demands a broad range of leadership skills.

Today’s demanding work environment can result in negativity and demotivation.

Continuously high workloads can lead to feelings of being overwhelmed and stressed.  When this happens the usual management strategies are less effective.

Under these difficult conditions brain function deteriorates resulting in reduced collaboration creativity and productivity.

Next generation solutions

The Research – Research has shown that one of the most powerful ways to improve your business outcomes is to invest in your leaders and managers through relevant training.

The Progress – The BrainSmart Leadership program combines 5 training modules with support for individual implementation to ensure maximum retention and application of learning.

The Science – Based on neuroscience and positive psychology and incorporating whole brain capacity methodologies, this program will change the way leaders perform.

It’s no longer enough to simply have technical skills and ‘cope’ with high demands.  Be being a BrainSmart leader you will improve your outcomes while maintaining the well-being of your team.

Everyone in the organization will benefit when your leaders become BrainSmart and know how to:

  • Maximize the capacity to understand and manage their thoughts, behaviours and emotions
  • Optimise their brain function in different contexts
  • Develop the best strategies to enhance their own performance and motivation
  • Manage the challenges of high work demands and constant change

Create an environment for teams to work to their maximum potential

Jan Sky comes with over 30 years of experience working with individuals and corporate clients to bring about brain and behaviour change.  Her unique style and methodology is supported by the latest neuroscientific theory and evidence based knowledge.

Creating SmartBrain Leaders for Increased productivity, well-being and better outcomes

High performing organisations need BrainSmart leaders with exceptional skills in managing SELF and OTHERS, including how to manage relationships with others in the workplace.

Research shows that learning from seminars and workshops is often not translated into change in behavior in the workplace.

Change in behavior requires the brain to develop new neural networks and we recognize that new behavior needs to be supported and nurtured over a period of time in order to become sustainable.

That’s why this program includes individual coaching for each person between sessions to target individual implementation.  Participants will also have access to online materials to further enhance and sustain learning.

Let us help you to uncover the unspoken truths. Allow us to uncover what lies beneath the surface of your organisations innovative growth into the future.

Ask one of our Senior Coaches about how we can support your organisation’s growth TODAY!

Jan Sky, Neuropsychotherapist, Resilience Coach, Behaviour Change Specialist and founder of ESI – Executive State Identification [email protected]

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