Stage One Mapping ESI™

This is an educational workshop using evidence based practices to teach you how to map the ego states of one’s personality. You will learn the skills of creating a map of ego states; how to unpack associated behaviours and decipher the inhibitive from the supportive. The ESI™ Mapping Tool is solution focused and goal directed and easy to learn in just one day!

Course Overview

ESI™ (Executive State Identification) is a Mapping Tool developed from ego state personality theory. It has evolved from the work of Freud and Federn, making its way into the current day counselling and coaching environments. By attending you will learn how to map the many different parts of your clients, states that are both supportive and inhibitive. Once you identify these states you and they are in a better position to identify exactly ‘what’ needs to change. You will have a map that will provide direction!

Clients will become clear as together you map out their strengths and they find ways to become unstuck and finally get to the bottom of issues.

The theory behind ESI™ is cutting edge psycho-dynamic. It has been developed and trialled in Australia by Jan Sky and received international recognition as breakthrough theory on ego states. Scientific evidence shows that these states are embedded in the neural pathways of the brain. ESI™ is a powerful tool that motivates positive behaviour and is as relevant in the workplace as in everyday life.

Who should attend?  

Coaches, Councillors, HR Managers, School Counsellors, Psychologists, Psychotherapists

More about Your Facilitators

Jan Sky is an author, speaker, coach, corporate trainer and the creator of ESI™. She is passionate about developing people to their full potential and will teach you how to navigate the social landscape of your brain.

Jan is recognised as an international expert on behaviour change and her work is acknowledged in Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Her book “The Many Parts of You” has been translated into Finnish and she is a captivating facilitator that turns the difficult into simple.

INVESTMENT $350 (includes gst) (Previous ESI attendees can attend $75 spaces permitting)

EARLY BIRD $250 (booked and paid for two weeks prior to scheduled date)

STAGE II ADVANCED COURSE-2-day $750EARLY BIRD $650 (includes gst) refer separate flyer)

ESI Training Stage I and II For more information click here. Please email [email protected]

Workshop Details:

One day face to face training PLUS follow-up group coaching support sessions

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Ego state personality theory explained
  • Discover key behaviours embedded in neural pathways
  • Develop an ESI™ Map profile of another’s behaviour
  • Identify both inhibitive and supportive states in relation to a goal
  • Limit /remove negative behaviour patterns
  • Harness supportive factors to drive results forward
  • Realise your own potential for change using ESI Mapping Tool

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