ESI™ Stage III – Accreditation Training Partner


We offer a business opportunity to those trained in the ESI™ Mapping Tool to become Accredited and expand your business horizons by working with one of the most trusted international organisations.  

Accreditation Application Form

ESI™ Accreditation offers you the opportunity to:

  • Expand you earning capacity
  • Become a leader in your industry
  • Take an active role in the ESI™ ground-breaking Membership site by contributing videos and articles
  • Earn additional passive income by being and Affiliate of the Membership site
  • Be part of current-day neuroscience research and development
  • Learn to train in a corporate space
  • Continue to grow your professional and personal development skills

Pre-requisite: trained in Stage I – ESI™ Mapping tool or viewed on-line training and submitted evidence Limited spaces are offered for this 4 x day Accreditation process scheduled for 2-5 November 2017 Complete the Accreditation training form today and email to [email protected]

Accreditation Application Form

Become an ESI™ Accredited Training Partner and increase your earning capacity and knowledge base.   Once you have demonstrated competence in facilitation and coaching skills, and you have completed the 4-day training, you will be in a position to deliver Stage I – ESI™ Certificate Level training to your peers as well as corporate and coaches.  You will have access to tools and manuals that will assist you to develop a business venture for yourself under the licence of ESI™.  Total support and encouragement is what we do to support your journey.  Download Accreditation Application Form TODAY!

Accreditation Application Form

More about Your Facilitators

Jan Sky is an author, international speaker, coach, corporate trainer and the creator of ESI™. She is passionate about developing people to their full potential and will teach you how to navigate the social landscape of your brain while you get rid of unwanted behaviors. You’ll be engaged with her easy-to-understand language and challenged both intellectually and emotionally.

Jan is recognised as an international expert on behavioural change with her work acknowledged in many parts of the world such as Europe, Asia, India, Australia and New Zealand. Her book “The Many Parts of You” has been translated into Finnish and she is a captivating facilitator that turns the difficult into simple.

ESI™ has International associates in Finland, India and New Zealand who continue to develop a highly effective tool to bring about change.

Workshop Details:

One day face to face training PLUS follow-up group coaching support sessions

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Ego state personality theory explained
  • Discover key behaviours embedded in neural pathways
  • Develop an ESI™ Map profile of another’s behaviour
  • Identify both inhibitive and supportive states in relation to a goal
  • Limit /remove negative behaviour patterns
  • Harness supportive factors to drive results forward
  • Realise your own potential for change using ESI Mapping Tool

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