Building Clarity for Self and Business!


 “Growth is a mindset that can be developed.  To thrive and maintain well-being in a continually challenging and changing world we need to prioritise growth and development.”

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Our Company

In 1994 Sky training was formed. Primarily a training company Sky training has grown into an internationally recognized company for personal and professional behavior change.

In 2008, after 18 months of research based on ESI™ mapping, Jan Sky gathered many case studies from professionals, clients and prison in-mates, She released the book ‘The Many Parts of You’.  This was the beginning of an incredible journey that began by teaching professionals how to use the ESI Mapping tool effectively with their own clients in coaching and counselling.  ESI was introduced to Finland, New Zealand, India and throughout Australia and the journey continues.

In 2018 BrainSmart Leadership® became the corporate model for behavior change using evidence based research to introduce the brain and its function to executives and leaders.  With greater understanding of brain function and capacity, productivity is increased.

Our MISSION:  To enable personal and business transformation by:

  • building clarity for self and business
  • shifting mindsets, beliefs and resilience levels
  • sharing cutting-edge inner technologies that work
  • result focussed facilitation, training and coaching


Our VISION:  We are motivated to drive individuals and business performance to optimum using unique processes and methods.

Our VALUESIn the context of achieving optimum performance, the things we value most are:

ENGAGEMENT:  We engage with you by listening and understanding for your unique needs to ensure you’re matched to a process that guarantees you not only achieve your goals but get more than what you ever bargained for.  “To infinity … and beyond”, Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story, 1995)

GROWTH:  Growth is a mindset that can be developed.  To thrive and maintain well-being in a continually challenging and changing world we need to prioritise growth and development.

QUALITY:  Quality for us is all about “your experience with us”.  Starting with the initial engagement and then the cutting edge processes that bring positive measurable change to your life and business.

ABUNDANCE:  Our belief is that abundance is created by a continually developing your habits and mindset.  When we give you value that creates abundance in your life, it happens in ours as well.  Abundance is a healthy mentality that comes from balance in all areas of your life.



Jan Sky
Jan Sky

Director, Founder

Jan Sky

Director, Founder

Jan Sky is the founder of ESI™ Mapping and author of the book ‘The Many Parts of You’.

She is passionate about helping others bring about change in their lives through self-awareness.  Using the clinically proven ESI mapping tool, clients can recognise the many different parts/states from which they operate and with guided facilitation change becomes easy.

Backed by neuroscience, the ESI™ mapping tool brings about sustainable change.

Jan has trained in Finland, Netherlands, India, USA and New Zealand as well as her homeland Australia.  Jan is recognised internationally for her work in the area of conscious brain states of behaviours. As a presenter, her clarity and unique style expands audiences’ understanding of emotional and intellectual opportunities using ego-state theory and neuroscience as her foundation.

Daryl Gove
Daryl Gove

ESI Facilitator


ESI Facilitator

Daryl is based in Auckland New Zealand and is an experienced trainer and facilitator. Having taught in the UK and in NZ, he brings his wealth of experience to two colleges as a tutor at the New Zealand School of Hypnotherapy and Head Tutor of the Integrative Hypnotherapy Institute. As well as this, Daryl is passionate about ESI Mapping and facilitates workshops around the country.

Daryl’s corporate background combines with his therapeutic knowledge to allow a great understanding of how to help grow and develop both groups and individuals in varied environments.

Kate Hommelhoff
Kate Hommelhoff

ESI Facilitator

Kate Hommelhoff

ESI Facilitator

Kate Hommelhoff resides in South Australia and is an experienced clinical hypnotherapist, facilitator and coach.

Kate’s corporate background enhances her ability to understand individual concerns as well as the needs of a team.

She too is passionate about people change and has delivered ESI workshops in NZ.

Smart Brain thinking

ESI™ is probably the best and most useful technique I’ve seen in over 20 years of continuous self-development. And, while we both want to do some more training with you to build skills to use it more effectively, it is so simple and easy to learn.

Ann Rolfe

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Years of Experience

“Clarity”; Jan’s book and her unique skills can be summed in that single word; “Clarity”.  Jan’s ability to help her clients, her friends and now  with this book  her readers, comes from her innate understanding of how to help us identify and remove blocks, both emotional and intellectual, to clear thinking, giving us the momentum  to move forward, toward our goals.  

Jack Fraenkel, Chief Motivational Officer